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Best Practices We Follow

Integration of ERP system, Standard Operating Procedures and project management document, forms the technological backbone of the company resulting in streamlined internal control processes.


Integration of myriad processes like Finance, Engineering, Payroll, CRM, Marketing and HR by which the company is able to save cost and time. It helps in making real-time information available to management to take strategic decisions.


Developed standard operating procedures which help to tackle critical situations as well as to adopt standardization in managerial practices. It is divided into four parts:

a) Checklists b) Forms c) Reference Files and d) MIS Report Formats

Robust Project

Management Document


Robust Procurement Process

Quality Control Process

Project management software is utilized by the company to prepare the process flow and to identify the critical tasks as well as milestones during the project wherein timeline and costs are given to map each and every task.

Decision making process is decentralized which helps to solve issues quickly. Right from departmental head to SBU heads & managerial staff everyone possesses accountability for their own decisions within the framework of SoPs.

With increasingly complex supply chains and globalized operations, enterprises need robust procurement processes in place, to achieve the right balance between standardization and flexibility, and to ensure better compliance, control and monitoring. At Foliage, we typically follow a four-pronged approach towards procurement process design to develop best-in-class processes by assessing the process, redesigning it, implementing and continuous improvement.

Slowly and gradually we realized that setting up quality standard and COQ- the cost of quality analysis at every phase is a must. Hence we have developed such techniques to check the quality at various stage of construction and meet the customer requirements.

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